Agricultural Asset Management

Agricultural Asset Management

Farm and land management for absentee landowners is the core capability of Glaub Farm Management. More than 50 years of combined experience in wealth management and preservation have shaped our processes to maximize profits for heirs of agricultural properties as well as those looking for solid, alternative investments.

Keep in mind, however, that farmland is an illiquid asset, meaning you cannot sell or buy quickly. It’s not an overnight investment—but when managed by one who understands economics and production agriculture, it is a stable investment vehicle that has the potential to consistently yield returns in the long term.

Professional farm and land management requires a disciplined approach to making business decisions for the absentee landowner. This includes looking at opportunities, finding alternatives, knowing limitations, collecting data and interpreting information on all aspects of agriculture.

Asset Planning

In general, our clients are looking to grow, maintain or liquidate assets. Based on your goals and objectives, we develop and implement a plan to maximize your land investment.

Such a plan might include:

  • Lease negotiations and qualified operator selection
  • Annual farm budget, quarterly financial reports and a year-end report for accounting
  • Farm checking account at your bank of choice to pay expenses and deposit income
  • Land improvement analysis, design and implementation
  • Regular communication regarding a range of areas affecting your property
  • Crop marketing of the landowner’s crop share
  • Risk management analysis on both crop and property
  • Soil conservation and fertility improvement plans
  • Coordination with farm operator in selecting crop rotations, seed, fertilizer and chemicals best suited to the farm’s characteristics
  • Property inspections and on-site advising
  • Financial analyses for long-term liquidation goals

Planning and budgeting, of course, take place at the beginning of the year; then we provide quarterly reports every three months. At the end of the day, our job is about managing your asset to improve your return on investment (ROI) and ensure your asset is being taken care of by the operator.

Why Work with an Accredited Farm Manager

Why Work with an Accredited Farm Manager