Serving Landowners Across the Mid-South

As a full-service property asset management company, Glaub Farm Management provides land ownership consulting and real estate services to meet the diverse needs of farm and landowners.

Farmland is an investment and, mind you, a good one. By combining your assets with our expertise, we can develop a long-term plan for consistently delivering rewards over time.

In addition to our farm and land management services for landowners, we also offer consulting on a range of farmland ownership issues. For example, one important ownership issue is succession and estate planning. As part of your estate planning team, we work closely with attorneys, CPAs and lenders to ensure you’re making the best decisions to protect your assets.

For those interested in buying or selling farmland, our office has brokers and sales associates licensed in Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee. We maintain listings on our website and work with sellers to market their properties as well as buyers looking for the right fit for their investments. As part of our real estate marketing, we also specialize in land auctions and appraisals.

While our services may seem a bit complex, our purpose is simple—to help landowners make the right decisions. Please contact us for a consultation if you feel you could benefit from our knowledge and experience

Real Estate Appraisals

Glaub Farm Management, LLC specializes in providing appraisal services to agricultural and rural properties. Our capabilities focus on cropland, timber, transitional, recreational, agricultural sites and rural properties.

Whether you are an individual, estate, attorney, CPA, lender or investor, GFM can provide real estate appraisal and valuation services to fit your needs. The following is a summary of the appraisal services provided:

Land Auctions

When it comes to auctioning farmland, an auctioneer needs to bring more to the table than handing out numbers and talking fast. In order to streamline the process and make sure both the buyer and seller receive the best treatment, a company requires knowledge of crop production, market conditions, agricultural finance and real estate. Sometimes land ownership crosses state lines; in those cases, GFM can facilitate auctions that demand licensing in multiple states.

Real Estate Services

Land, particularly cropland, is a hot commodity. Studies show that the world population will hit 9 billion by 2050, and farmers worldwide will be tasked with feeding as many mouths in the next 50 years as they have over the previous 100 years. Production agriculture is steadily becoming more efficient, but there’s one thing that will not change—we can’t produce more land.

Agricultural Consulting

Those who own and/or operate row crop operations understand the complexities of agricultural production. Although the general public typically considers agriculture to be a traditional and even slow industry, we know it is rapidly changing and requires constant attention to keep up with government programs, laws, regulations and new technology that affect commodity markets, trade, production and farmland markets.

The core consulting that we generally provide to landowners, investors, and agricultural producers falls in the following three categories:

Agricultural Asset Management

Farm and land management for absentee landowners is the core capability of Glaub Farm Management. More than 50 years of combined experience in wealth management and preservation have shaped our processes to maximize profits for heirs of agricultural properties as well as those looking for solid, alternative investments.