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Glaub Farm Management offers much more than simple recordkeeping or consulting. We’re a full-service property asset management company—meaning rather than looking at a farm one year at a time, we with a 10, 20 and 30-year vision.

Farmland is an investment and, mind you, a good one. By combining your assets and capital with our expertise in economics and production agriculture, we can develop a long-term plan for consistently delivering rewards over time.

In addition to our farm management services for absentee landowners, we also offer all landowners consulting on a range of farmland ownership issues.. For example, one important ownership issue is succession and estate planning. As part of your estate planning team, we work closely with attorneys, CPAs and lenders to ensure you’re making the best decisions to protect your assets.

For those interested in buying or selling farmland, our office has licensed brokers and sales associates licensed in Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee. We maintain listings on our website and work with sellers to market their properties and buyers to find the right fit for their investment. As part of our real estate marketing, we also specialize in land auctions.

While our services may seem somewhat complex, our purpose is simple—to help landowners make the right decisions. Please contact us for a consultation if you feel you could benefit from our expertise and experience.

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