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VES-Artex could broaden scope of 'smart' dairies
VES is the developer of DairyBos, while Artex builds pens, gates, hutches and other barn equipment.
Collaboration to bring new fertilizer tech to market
Mosaic and BioConsortia are working together to commercialize new nitrogen-fixing microbial products.
3 farmers share why they switched tillage practices
Don’t let fear stop you from trying new crop management practices on your farm, they say.
Get ready for calving season
Here is what to stock your barn with before cows go into labor.
FFAR provides $5 million to study climate-resilient wheat
Wheat is a mainstay of the human diet; climate change threatens supplies.
Farm Progress America, January 21, 2021
Max Armstrong offers a look at an interesting farm expense – interest costs
Farm economy looking up, but proceed with caution
2021 Southwest Economic Outlook: Southwest economists and specialists weigh in on the 2021 economic outlook.
Robotics coming to cotton production
The future is closer than you might think for new robotics and automation in cotton production.
Crab antics
I don't like that we've become a society that drags individuals down in order to climb on top of them, not just to dominate, but to vilify and cancel them. 
Morning Market Review for Jan. 21, 2021
Buyers return to the grains complex. (Comments are updated by 7:30 a.m. Central Time.)