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Soy rises as China scales back COVID restrictions
Morning report: Corn, wheat inch up on a round of bargain buying following Friday’s selloff. (Comments are updated by 7:30 a.m. Central Time.)
Drones in agriculture research propels multistate award
The University of Arkansas was among the institutions recently recognized for drone research and outreach.
Representing Arkansas rice in 2023
The Arkansas Rice Federation represents the interest of rice growers, merchants and businesses in the state.
Farm Progress America, December 5, 2022
Max Armstrong digs into the latest numbers from USDA on net farm income, and costs of production.
Farmers support higher-ethanol blends
Farm Progress PANEL shows that if Unleaded 88 is around, farmers will use it, which may be while some don't.
Recession fears spur wheat cuts
Afternoon report: Corn also down moderately on Monday, while soybeans firm slightly
Success starts at the seed
Potato seed treatments set up a high-quality crop.
Trial results you can count on
Corn Illustrated: Here’s why researchers do what they do when designing test plots and studies.
Bring sustainability home
Sustainability means acting today for a better tomorrow — in our fields and in our families.
Collaboration targets belowground opportunities
Syngenta and Biome Makers explore soil biome opportunities for protecting crops and boosting yields.