2023 Mid-South Land Values Report Now Available

Land values have been strong and resilient according to the recently released Mid-South Land Values and Lease Trends Report, a 96-page assessment published by the Mid-South Chapter of the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers.

“The report showcases a persistent upward trend in the value of farmland in the midsouth region over the past two years. With a shortage of available farmland and numerous sales breaking previous valuation records, it highlights the growing demand and appreciation for this valuable asset,” said Shane Bray, President of the Mid-South Chapter of the ASFMRA.

Within this publication, there are editorials covering agricultural policy, sugarcane, timber, deer management, cattle, poultry, and carbon markets. While the values and trends for each evaluated region have unique characteristics and variables, the overall outlook for Mid-South land values remains positive.

“­­­­­­­­­­­­­­The dedicated land book committee members have devoted a considerable amount of effort to create this comprehensive publication that serves the needs of both current landowners and potential buyers. Despite the tumultuous events of last year, the demand for quality farmland remains robust.” said Tyler Mullins, ARA, Land Trends Publication Chair. Copies of the report are $30 each and may be obtained by visiting or contact GFM.

"Glaub Farm Management has been a dedicated supporter of this publication since its inception. We strongly believe that this report effectively showcases the Midsouth region as a prime location for agricultural investments in the United States, both in the short and long term. As experts in agricultural land management, we are confident that Midsouth agricultural properties have the potential to deliver high investment returns, while also promoting sustainable practices such as conservation, habitat improvement, carbon sequestration, solar energy, and the production of renewable fuels. Our optimism for the future of the region is rooted in our commitment to promoting responsible and sustainable agricultural practices, and we look forward to continued growth and success in the Midsouth, said Jeffrey Hignight," GFM Partner, Land Manager, and Broker.

Now in its sixth year, the land values report supports the chapter’s goal of serving as the premier information center for rural and farm landowners across the Mid-South. By providing an overall view of the Mid-South farmland market, the publication is a general source of information and is not intended to replace the knowledge and expertise of a qualified land professional, who should be consulted prior to making important decisions involving farm property.

Such professionals—farm managers, appraisers and consultants in the chapter’s four-state area—are listed in the report along with their contact information. Members with AFM, ARA, RPRA, and AAC after their names have earned designations through ASFMRA. To earn and maintain accreditation, ASFMRA members must achieve and demonstrate heightened levels of knowledge through testing, continuing education, practical field experience and ethical accountability within their designated disciplines.

2023 Land Book