2020 Spring Newsletter


Please find below in the "Read Now" link our Spring Newsletter.  March 22nd was World Water day and our newsletter has two articles dealing with water and irrigation.  The newsletter also covers USDA crop price projections, recent auction results, and how to order the newly released 2020 Mid-South Land Value and Lease Trends Report.

With the fast and furious spread of COVID-19 across the globe, major disruptions of every day life have occurred and will no doubt have major ripple effects throughout the global economy. It is unknown how long the effect will last and how emergency measures by Central Banks around the globe and governments will impact future economic growth and stability. Real estate such as residential and commercial properties will likely take a major hit although agricultural properties should fair better since food demand is relatively inelastic. People have to eat and the production cycles in agriculture move forward. The current headwinds in agriculture stem from abundant global supplies, reduced demand for ethanol and very low crude oil prices which impact corn/ethanol prices. Long term trends are still supportive for global demand growth of food, feed, biofuels, and fiber.

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