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As a real estate company with an expertise in agricultural properties, we serve current and future landowners across the Mid-South by providing the services they need for long-term success.

Partner with Experts

With farm and land asset managers, real estate brokers, appraisers, real estate agents and consultants, the GFM team knows land and how to make the most of it. Contact GFM principals, Ted or Jeffrey, to start a conversation on how we can partner to meet you investment and ownership goals.

Invest in Farmland

As the world population increases the demand for food will rise. Investing in farmland provides a high level of capital security, inflation hedge, portfolio diversification, stable returns, low volatility, and tax incentives that deliver high total returns in the long-term for the patient investor.

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Eddins Trust
675.97 Acres in Phillips County, AR
Mitchell Barton Farm
315.57 Acres in Phillips County, AR
Spooky Tree, LLC
320 Acres in Crittenden County, AR
Brown-Warship Farm
67.24 Acres in Phillips County, AR

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