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posted on Mar 27, 2012

On several occasions when visiting with landowners, the most common question asked is why land sells for such a higher price in the Midwest compared to the Mississippi Delta region although yields on corn and soybeans can be similar.

One of my answers to landowners is that Midwest production is more profitable meaning their margins are greater, therefore a greater share can go towards land rent.  Higher land rent leads to higher land prices.  The table below precisely demonstrates why land prices are higher in the Midwest due to a higher return.

posted on Mar 19, 2012

On Friday, March 09, 2012 Glaub Farm Management auctioned 567 +/- acres in Craighead and Lawrence County, AR.  The cropland was approximately 527 +/- acres and averaged $4,014/acre!  Tracts 1 & 2 sold together at $4,034/acre.  Tract 3 sold at $3,900/acre.  Tract 4 was a recreational piece and had two bidders at the auction.  The final bid was rejected due to not meeting the owner’s reserve.  This particular tract was land locked and had no legal easement which limited the interest.

posted on Mar 6, 2012

Glaub Farm Management is proud to announce the hiring of two interns who are students at Arkansas State University.

posted on Feb 15, 2012

Recently I spoke to the Arkansas Seed Growers Association and the Arkansas Rice Growers Association about the advantages and disadvantages of on-farm grain bins.  As an economist, my answer to the question “Are grain bins profitable?” is it depends.  If a whole farm is managed efficiently, grain bins can be very profitable.

posted on Feb 2, 2012

Recently, I attended the Arkansas Soil and Water Education Conference held at Arkansas State University.  The conference had a range of speakers from state government to private companies.  In the Mississippi Delta Region, producing rice on average takes twice the water as corn, soybeans, or cotton.  The the amount of water needed can be reduced with land grading by as much as 40% comparing contour levee rice to zero grade rice.  Other water and energy savings can come from the use of poly pipe, irrigation scheduling, and correct holes sizes in irrigation poly pipe.&nbsp

posted on Jan 27, 2012

When visiting with someone about selling, I generally ask “What will you do with the proceeds and have you visited with a CPA about tax consequences?”  Tax implications can be very significant when selling real estate.  Traditionally, most sellers receive proceeds by cashing out, a 1031 exchange, or owner financing.  I recently read about another option called a deferred sales trust.

posted on Jan 17, 2012

On Saturday, January 14, 2012 Glaub Farm Management auctioned 465.5 +/- acres in Clay County, AR.  The auction attracted 23 bidders from six states.  Tract 1 sold at $3,760/ac and Tract 2 sold at $4,200/ac averaging $3,968/ac across both.  Tract 2 sold for a premium compared to Tract 1 due to being a cotton farm, free and clear of any lease in 2012, and better drained than Tract 1.  In addition Tract 2 fit the buyer’s need as an addition to land already owned in the area.  Below is a summary of the two tracts.

posted on Jan 3, 2012

If you read agricultural newsletters or magazines your may have seen some of the $10,000/acre plus land sales in the Midwest.  Reports indicate some areas of the Midwest have seen greater than a 20% increase in land prices.  The Mississippi Delta Region has seen increases in land prices over the past year but not as dramatic as the Midwest.  I’ve seen several sales over $4,000/ac and a few above $5,000/ac in the Mississippi Delta Region.  So you may ask what is currently driving land prices higher and who is buying in the Mississippi Delta Region?

posted on Dec 20, 2011

The UA Cooperative Extension Service recently released their 2012 crop budgets.  These crop budgets provide a useful tool for operators and landowners in planning and analyzing equitable lease arrangements.  The UA also releases the budgets in Excel files that allow a user to change parameters for customization.

posted on Nov 28, 2011

With the fiscal issues of our federal government every farm program will be scrutinized and many may be eliminated.  The direct payment program has a large target on its’ back.  The origins of the direct payment come from the Federal Agriculture Improvement and Reform Act of 1996.  Direct payments were intended to be a transitional payment away from government support but have continued under the previous two farm bills.

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