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Land is our specialty.  Since 1993, Glaub Farm Management, LLC has provided individuals, families, farming operations and investors land expertise to facilitate and implement ownership goals.

Ted Glaub established Glaub Farm Management in 1993 following a 14-year career managing farmland. Over the years, Ted’s unique skill set in agriculture, economics, management and consulting has grown GFM into a thriving business with clients all over the world.

Today, our company includes two farmland asset managers and real estate brokers—Ted and Jeffrey Hignight—who are both Accredited Farm Managers (AFM) by the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers and Accredited Land Consultants (ALC) by the Realtors Land Institute. In addition, GFM hired Houston Matthews in 2016 to head up its real estate appraisal and valuation service.  GFM also has a team of real estate associates and staff to support our broad range of farm and land services which include agricultural asset management, real estate brokerage, land auctions, real estate appraisals, and consultation throughout the Mid-South states of Arkansas, Missouri, Mississippi, and Tennessee.

Whether you’re a beneficiary trying to decide the best option for inherited land or an individual looking to establish a solid investment, it’s our goal to develop a long-term relationship and strategy to maximize your profits and improve stewardship of the land.

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