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Sustainable IPM efforts target insect pheromone use
A company is using a transgenic plant to create low-cost pheromones that could revolutionize pest control.
Morning Market Review for April 21, 2021
China to reduce corn, soymeal volumes in livestock rations. (Comments are updated by 7:30 a.m. Central Time.)
Senators reintroduce bipartisan ag-focused climate bill
Growing Climate Solutions Act modified to ensure farmers have greater say in future of carbon markets.  
Afternoon Market Recap for April 21, 2021
Soybeans race toward $15 per bushel.
USDA invests in climate change research
The goal is for these efforts to lead to new tools, techniques and innovations for improving soil health.
Scouting helps farmers identify crop issues early
Field Fodder: Producers can protect yield and potential profits
New study shows skips hurt corn yields the most
The Golden Harvest research trial also tested for doubles and uneven emergence.
Cut your cow losses, cull late-season calvers
Develop a short calving season to maximize profits on the beef farm.
Plan now to can that garden bounty later
A little preparation now can help gardeners safely preserve their bounty this summer.
Alliance advances move toward more automation
Trimble and VayaVision will work together to bring advanced perception technology to agriculture. What might that mean?